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Jung Yunho’s Youth, U-Know Yunho

When we met TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, soon to enlist in the army, what we wanted to know most about was not TVXQ nor U-Know Yunho, but Jung Yunho, a 31 year old man. That is because he is the person we’ll meet as short-haired U-Know Yunho passes by the guardhouse.

Q. Today’s photo shoot consists of three themes: Jung Yunho’s youth, U-Know Yunho as an artist, and the images TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. Which image do you like the most? It seemed that you were most enthusiastic during the shoot for (Jung Yunho’s) youth. You even gave your suggestions to us first to try different things.

A. You’re right. In that shoot light was filtered through a water tank to make afterimages. I like that kind of sensibility. It’s not stereotypical. After all, those afterimages are the lingering images of my youth. It made me feel good to go through the shoot thinking about its meaning in that way because it was as if were looking back on past times.
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The Celebrity and Rakuten,
Translated by @mystaryunho
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