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trans Yunho being a fan of SES Eugene

Yunho said, "I joined SES' fanclub too. If they had a fansign, what should I say, what should I do so that I can shake hands with her, I wrote that down all in advance. At that time, Eugene signed only her autograph on the card I had prepared. I was sad so I asked, "what is this?" Eugene got a shock and stared at me. If she signed on my hand, I could grab her hand and shake it while pulling back, and wanted to get a hug from her. I thought about it that way."

Yunho added, "Following my plan, I grabbed Eugene's hand. I pulled her hand back, and Eugene bumped into the table. At that moment, Eugene's managers all came. Eugene smiled while saying nice words, "It's great to see your face". From then on, I thought that Eugene was an angel".


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[trans] Yunho talks about the "real truth of life" rap

*Personal note - Yunho actually did the "real truth of life" rap to poke fun at himself in order to kind of alleviate BEAST's Son Dong Woon's embarrassment, because the latter had done an earlier rap. I thought this was a very great gesture from a senior to a junior ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Article trans:

"On this day, U-Know Yunho wrapped up Son Dong Woon's rap, which had created a kind of an embarassing atmosphere, with the "real truth of life" rap. Yunho said, "I know that if I do this (rap), there will be a subsequent storm (ie creating a huge buzz) approaching. This was the biggest blemish of my life."

Yunho continued, "At that time, in order to make the rap rhyme, I added the lyrics. The moment I did that, I felt it, that this would be worth 10 years (ie that it would follow him around for a long time)".


2014-07-25 в 01:01 

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[trans] Yunho on receiving criticism on his acting

Male fan - During "Heading to the Ground", he received negative comments which went "It was because U-Know Yunho appeared in the drama" etc. The comment I particularly remember went, "Even as a guy looking at this, he really can't make it". So I replied, "I am a guy and I watched it, it was okay?" And (the first guy) replied, "You are Jung Yunho right?""

Song Eun Yi - "When he was shooting the drama, he also received comments which said "even his walking style is weird".

Yunho - "For that, because the seniors were all very tall, I also subconsciously inserted 2 heel insoles when one was enough. The production called "Yawang" was itself a live shoot live broadcast thing. So my walking style was weird."

Yunho - "People pointed a lot of fingers at me. I received various scoldings, but I liked that. I think that they leave negative comments precisely because there are responses and there is interest."

Yunho - "Even for dancing and singing, at the start, I did not receive positive comments that I did well in that. Going from the 1-3 albums, I started getting compliments. I think the same of acting too. In "Yawang", I was the second lead, and through "Journal of Night Watchmen", I am challenging the period dramas genre. I want to show everybody the appearance of me slowly improving. I want to become an actor who is always growing amidst those scoldings."

Yunho - "Actually, I received really a lot of negative comments. This is because I am lacking. However, negative comments are also interest. If there is no interest, there will not be negative comments."

Yunho - "If there are aspects of me which are lacking, please give me a lot of comments. I want to become an actor who can grow a lot."

bit.ly/1oifxbo + bit.ly/1ujlt8T + bit.ly/1rDWoU5 + bit.ly/1pg8ZGR

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[trans] Yunho's father-daughter fans ^^

Daughter fan - "I went to TVXQ's concert together with my dad, and then my dad became a fan of Yunho."

Daddy fan, when asked which song he fell in love with, said without any hesitation - "Rising Sun"

Daughter - "I was watching TVXQ's concert DVD at home. My dad suddenly came running over and danced beside me."

Yunho laughed and said - "but from just now, because the daddy-nim has been observing me as though he is looking at his son-in-law, I felt pressure."


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[trans] Yunho on the poisoning incident

Yunho - "At that time, a fan came to me and passed me a beverage. But one bad habit of mine is that I am the type who drinks beverages in one shot. I drank all of that and a weird smell arose. And then I collapsed, and beside me people said, "He's bleeding". After knowing it later, there was a component of a strong type of adhesive glue. (Entering into my stomach), there was a backflow and it turned out that way. At that time, one thing I thought about momentarily was, "I have to stop being a celebrity", yes that. I could not greet people properly. My gaze wavered, should I say that I developed a panic disorder? I also went to the hospital a few times temporarily (to treat the disorder), but after that I was angry at myself that the trauma took over, so I went home and I drank the same brand of beverage and overcame that".


[trans] Yunho on poisoning incident - Part 2

Yunho - "My habit is to drink (beverages) in one shot. I opened the cap and drank everything at one go. At that time, I collapsed and did not remember anything. The members said that I vomitted blood. Because there was a lot of white glue, the wall linings of my stomach and esophagus were hurt. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I suffered from (gastric) backflow. At that time, I wavered a little. I thought that I had to stop being a celebrity. Even when I was greeting people, I could not directly hold their gaze because of my fear. They said it was a panic disorder and my heart beat very fast and hurt. Before going for broadcast shows, I went to the hospital, but I was angry at the me who could not overcome the trauma. In order to drink the same brand of beverage which I had drunk, I myself opened up the lid and was grasping it firmly, but my hand kept trembling. Because I drank it, the remaining traumatic elements were all overcome. At that moment, I came to realize, "Ah so a disease of the heart / mind is like this." Now if I receive beverages, I drink them in one shot."


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[trans] "Star Gazing" - Yunho-related parts which I haven't translated before ^^

Daddy fan: I went to TVXQ's concert last year and started liking him (Yunho).

Kang Ho Dong: did you dance in front of your daughter?
Daddy fan: I even forgot that my daughter was there! (hahaha cute!)

Yunho: I am like Dong Woon-ssi. When I am doing a variety programme, there would be a documentary-like feel. I came to realize that timing is the most important. When I develop the thought that I should jump into the conversation at this moment, it's late. I should just throw it out there and think about it later! Just say it out first! (To Dong Woon) Just butt into the conversation first! After that then think about it continuously!

Kang Ho Dong: how many years was it before you realized this?

Yunho: I just realized it now after coming!

Yunho: (in a rap tone) "If you keep doing that, the fact that you will regret it is the real truth of life!"

MCs: (Yunho's rap) has revived the atmospohere when it was getting cold!

Yoseob: TVXQ sunbaenim are really a wall which we cannot scale and unable to surpass. I saw the Nissan Stadium photos, and also saw 1 page of the Japanese news articles, the red-coloured fan lights, amounted to about 100,000 people, the whole stadium was filled with them, just looking at the photos alone were really to the extent of making me shudder, they are really awesome.

Kang Ho Dong: if you are on stage, how can you hear the sounds?

Yunho: If we are performing at Nissan Stadium, I will have the wrong illusion that I am a rookie, but when I first stood (on the stage of Nissan Stadium).. first, if everybody jumps at Tokyo Dome, the Dome shakes. (Kang Ho Dong: that's an exaggeration!) It's not a lie, it's true. But because Nissan Stadium is outdoors, beyond a certain time, you definitely can't be playing music. The reason for that being, if the people go "AHH!!", it will really be crazy. Really, beyond a certain decibel, you won't be able to play music, and jumping is strictly prohibited.

Kang Ho Dong: Daddy-nim, do you know that TVXQ has influence on others to such an extent?

Daddy fan: From the start, of course I didn't know. At the start, from the standpoint of a parent, when Yunho was filming "Yawang", my daughter went to the ice rink to cheer him on, and for fansigns, I fetch her there, while doing these things, I came to be able to see Yunho in person.

Kang Ho Dong: the majority of parents, if they know about such things, the energy for (fan activities) should be used on studying, there will be such thoughts...

Daddy fan: For me too, at the start, there was nothing else but that I also had the same types of thoughts as parents usually do. But, aren't there fans just like my daughter? The pre-conceived stereotypes which I had before, those fans were not like that. Each of them were working hard in their own way, and there are also many of them who are from renowned school institutions, so I started thinking about it once again. Last year when TVXQ had their 10th anniversary concert, my daughter had a Japanese friend called Moka-san who came, we were in the car going to the concert venue, for the first time in my life, both of them were in the car conversely fluently in Japanese, (my daughter's Japanese) was almost like the standard of a local Japanese.

Daughter fan: when oppa is having activities, having continuously kept watch over his activities, and now that I have heard (Japanese) a lot, there are Japanese listening examinations, those are especially easy.

-after the daughter fan converses with Kim Kyung Ho's Japanese fan in Japanese-

Yunho: She seems to be better at Japanese than me! The reason being, she was carrying on the conversation without any hesitation and was speaking naturally..


2014-07-27 в 21:47 

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[trans] Heartwarming fan account by Yunho's father-daughter fans who appeared on "Star Gazing"!

-Part 1: fan account of applying for the show and preparation for the recording-

Reasons why the daughter fan decided to apply with her father for the show (despite reservations about having her name and face shown on TV):

- Both of them like TVXQ's songs (especially SMP)
- After TVXQ became 2, her father gave his recognition and stamp of approval that TVXQ became more mature and more cool.
- They watch TVXQ's videos together at home from time to time
- They watched Yunho's drama "Yawang" together
- They also shared TVXQ's albums around to other people
- There were a few times when they went to see TVXQ together
etc etc

They applied for the show as a father-daughter pair with the mindset, "Wouldn't Yunho obtain strength after it is conveyed to him there is a middle-aged ahjussi (uncle fan) who looks well upon Yunho, who is always faithfully and earnestly working hard, and who supports him?"

When the daughter fan actually received the call from the show producers, she told her dad and Daddy became flustered, saying that he didn't know that the matter wouldn't blow up to such extent. The daughter fan really spent a lot of time persuading Daddy fan to go for the face-to-face interview with the producers (they had to go through an interview with the producers first before being confirmed for the show), saying that if they cheered Yunho on, it would become Yunho's strength. Daddy fan eventually gave his approval ^^

On the day of the interview, Daugther fan was excited but Daddy fan told her that nothing is confirmed yet and asked her to calm down keke

The producers asked many questions, and also asked about the lawsuit and about Yunho's acting. When asked about Yunho's acting, Daddy fan replied to the producers that it is just the process now and that he firmly believes that Yunho will do well in the future. The producers persuaded Daddy fan to take part in the recording, saying that he will become Yunho's strength and Daddy fan was in a dilemma.

Daughter fan saw that her dad was really in a bind and wanted to tell the producers that they won't appear on the show, but just as she thought of saying that, Daddy fan told the producers that he will appear on the show. Daddy fan said, "Honestly, even right till coming to the broadcasting station, I did not have any thoughts of appearing on the show, but as we were talking, my thoughts changed. If this will become support for Yunho, I want to appear on the show."

Daughter fan received the sсript for the recording and saw that her portion was really little, and the focus was on her dad and the male fan hahaha.

bit.ly/WGZfPn (on the fans' request, pls do not take this out to any sites which do not support the current TVXQ)

Part 2 to follow


2014-07-27 в 21:47 

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[trans] Part 2 - Yunho-related parts / talk segments which were edited out of "Star Gazing"

-This is a heartwarming fan account by Yunho's father-daughter fans who appeared on "Star Gazing" ^^

Before the recording started, Yunho was going around greeting the staff and then went up to the stage to sit down. He greeted Kim Kyung Ho, shook hands with Kang Ho Dong, and while greeting BEAST, he immediately then went on to give them advice. The Daughter fan said she was touched to see Yunho showing real concern for his juniors.

Recording took about 5 hours, and Yunho's part was quite substantial overall. The chronology of topics relating to Yunho was roughly as follows:

- learning head-banging
- about the "real truth of life" rap
- the poisoning incident
- fans' presents, culture of making donations (edited out of broadcast)
- about acting
- promotion for "Journal of Night Watchmen"
- about the membership numbers for the Cassiopeia fanclub
- reasons for treating male fans better (edited out of broadcast)
- talk about how he drinks soju better than beer
- giving advice to juniors (edited out of broadcast)
- TVXQ's majesty in Japan
- talk about how his throat hormones were weird (edited out of broadcast)
- Yunho being a fan of Eugene and Jeon Ji Hyun
- his thoughts about dating publicly
- final thoughts on the recording

When the fans were talking, Yunho would look at them as if he was their fan. Even if they were fans of other celebrities, he would listen wholeheartedly and would meet their eyes.

The writers of the show went "Yunho-ssi said that he is really happy that special fans like the male fan and the father-daughter fans came and specially for the fans, he edited some performances himself and prepared a performance for the fans". Then the instrumental of Champion came out and then suddenly changed to Honey Funny Bunny. Yunho oppa said that he felt embarrassed while dancing to Honey Funny Bunny because Daddy fan was watching.

Originally in the sсript, there was a part where Daddy fan would dance a short part of Rising Sun together with Yunho because Daddy fan likes Rising Sun. But because the sсript wasn't discussed earlier with Daddy fan, when Daddy fan heard that, he said that there was no way he could dance it, so this part was cancelled in the end. Yunho then went "I wanted to dance to Rising Sun with Daddy-nim, but because Daddy-nim said he can't do it....(flustered flustered)" and Yunho gave off a flustered expression.

Daddy fan then said he wanted to see the Rising Sun performance and in response, Yunho danced his solo part for Daddy fan ^^ Kim Young Chul-ssi also said that while looking at Yunho dance, he was really cool and goosebump-inducing (ie very good), and that he could understand the fans' feelings haha. However, the Rising Sun performance was edited out in the end.

On the topic of acting, Daddy fan gave advice to Yunho but this was also edited out.
Daddy fan said, "Having heard what Yunho is saying now, I feel that you have also matured to some extent as an actor. What I definitely wanted to say to you is, I want to let you know what I read in a newspaper column last week. The content of that newspaper column was that, in order to become a superstar, one needs the courage to be able to stomach the criticism and jeers hidden behind the cheers and applause. Even for those famous actors known for their acting, there was not a single one of them who did well right from the start. In terms of music, although you are receiving sufficient cheers and applause now, when you talked about how you are digesting the criticism in terms of acting, and even the jeers, I am happy hearing that as a fan. I want to say, "While having such a mindset, wouldn't you be maturing too?" Because people view comments or responses differently in their own respective ways, it will be great if you can see them in your Yunho-like way and stomach them well."

Yunho talked about the reasons why he treats male fans better (this was edited out).
Yunho - "From the perspective of a guy, going to watch a male concert, or giving recognition to men, they are all difficult things. On one hand, I even respect how they laugh, talk and cheer us on together. Whenever male fans come, I always call out to them. I say to them, it's nothing to be shy about, they are really cool, and request that they give more response. At the start, because the older fans are all quietly staying still, I developed the greed to want to make them move no matter what. But looking at them carefully, they were all singing along with our lyrics. Although of course, fundamentally, I also really like and love our female fans, but if the male fans increase in numbers, I think, "won't we be able to create a good performance while (the male fans are) smiling at one another?"

Yunho also said that he particularly gives a lot of advice to EXO. He says this to them, "Although saying these words is a little sorry to the fans, being successful is not what is important, the people who carry on activities for the longest receives the most recognition and is the most awesome. Because you guys have received the Daesang, this is the answer that you guys are the best singers. Beneath that, be humble always. This did not come about because of your abilities, but because of the fans."

Yunho also said that because EXO has many members, when he speaks to each one of them individually, after he gets past the 5th member, it will be time for Yunho himself to go, so because he doesn't have much time left, he will hurriedly tell them to convey the message to the other members LOL. Yunho also said that because there are also times when they look similar to one another, so occasionally he will mix them up, and to a member whom he has spoken to before, he will say the same things again hahahahaha

Beast spoke about "What kind of existence / presence does TVXQ mean to you?"
Son Dong Woon - "It was during the time after we debuted and the time when the seniors should or should not be knowing our names. At that time, TVXQ were the best, and once we had greeted them, Yunho sunbaenim said this to us. "Ah, so you guys are Beast. You guys work hard. Hyungs will also work hard such that we won't lose to you guys." He said these words to us juniors who had debuted for less than a year. How touched I felt then, I can't describe that in words. I was surprised that they could say these words to juniors who are younger than them by 5-6 years, and was really thankful."

Yoseob - "When I first started my solo activities, it turned out that I was able to promote at the same time with TVXQ. I met U-Know Yunho ssi, who was washing his hands, in the washroom. Frankly, I thought that he did not think much about me. But he was monitoring me. While being so thankful, I also felt amazement. He gave me precise monitoring points to look out for. The fact that it was not pretense, but genuinely thinking about and looking for his juniors, that fact struck close to my heart. Yunho sunbaenim had said this, "It seems like it will be better if at this part, you show more singing parts instead of dancing, or at which part of the lyrics would the song be livened up by showing dance choreography instead of singing the lyrics."

Yunho's final comments on the "Star Gazing" recording
Yunho - "Actually, I asked around about what kind of programme "Star Gazing" was, and what kind of feel it was about. Aren't the opportunities for the fans and us to communicate with one another not a lot, compared to what we expect? Because for stuff like fansign events, we also have to finish within 1 hour or so. Today, what I had felt on a personal basis was that everybody here seemed to have worked hard / undergone hardsip together for 8 to 9 hours for 1 hour (ie a long recording for a programme which is about 1 hour long). During that period of time, the one fact which I am feeling in this same space with everybody, I think, is that we are not forging on alone, but because everybody is forging on together, the artiste called Kim Kyung Ho, the artiste called Beast, the artiste called TVXQ have come to this day, haven't we? In the future, through this "Star Gazing" programme, after this has become popular and many artistes and their fans can one day all be gathered at one place and, because I can't drink beer, it would be great if we can have soju together. In the future if there is such fun and such moving moments, it would be great. Thank you very much for today."

After the recording, Daddy fan said, "Although originally I had looked upon Yunho well, after listening to what he said today, compared to his young age, he has experienced many things and because he has a good nature, I find him even better."



2014-07-27 в 21:48 

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[trans] Part 3 - BTS fan account of Yunho after recording of "Star Gazing"

-this is a fan account by the father-daughter fans of Yunho ^^ -

After the recording when the fan had a chance to give her present to Yunho in his waiting room and speak with him, Yunho spoke about his drama.
Yunho - "And you guys don't have to worry about the drama this time around. My preparations are going on well. In a natural way... because the sсript reading has ended.. so this time around, please anticipate it. I will work really, really hard. It's the feeling that there is a little more improvement compared to the previous time? Yep. Because I am filming it well.."

bit.ly/1rGBH9W - pictures of Yunho taking photos with the daddy-daughter fans here ^^


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