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[2064] The Night Watchman's Journal

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Yunho's new drama,MBC "The Night Watchman's Journal" will start airing on August 4th
due to the extension of current-airing drama "Triangle"

Press Conference will begin online live on July 29 : 14.00 KST at 63 Building

[INFO] MBC Journal of Night Watchmen Museok Character
Museok - Born into a high class family; good looking; holds self-respect; strict edu; master training; is a nephew of king's personal guard.
Choseon's best sword master: righteous, rule-abiding, and wholeheartedly serves king. Has trouble with free-spirited Irin.
Museok doesnt turn his eyes to daughters of loyal, high class families. His mom wished that he d find true love and live happily ever after.

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2014-07-22 в 11:56 

day by day, minute by minute. that's chill ©

2014-07-22 в 18:59 

ihsho [DELETED user]
Эротично. :inlove:

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