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[2077] Yunho for Korean Magazine “The Celebrity” – August Issue 2015

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Jung Yunho’s Youth, U-Know Yunho

When we met TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, soon to enlist in the army, what we wanted to know most about was not TVXQ nor U-Know Yunho, but Jung Yunho, a 31 year old man. That is because he is the person we’ll meet as short-haired U-Know Yunho passes by the guardhouse.

Q. Today’s photo shoot consists of three themes: Jung Yunho’s youth, U-Know Yunho as an artist, and the images TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho. Which image do you like the most? It seemed that you were most enthusiastic during the shoot for (Jung Yunho’s) youth. You even gave your suggestions to us first to try different things.

A. You’re right. In that shoot light was filtered through a water tank to make afterimages. I like that kind of sensibility. It’s not stereotypical. After all, those afterimages are the lingering images of my youth. It made me feel good to go through the shoot thinking about its meaning in that way because it was as if were looking back on past times.
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The Celebrity and Rakuten,
Translated by @mystaryunho
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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"I detest a word called ‘in the past’. There may be excellent things done in the past but it will be over with a round of applause. It is important to keep walking."
Jung Yunho, ARENA HOMME 2014

"I’m happiest when I’m standing on stage. I think that the performance that has left the deepest impression in my mind is the SMTOWN concert I performed in with Changmin for the first time since becoming a duo. The responsibility of having to the fill the stage with just U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin after a long hiatus was quite a heavy burden to bear. But I see that moment as something that signaled a new stage in our lives."
Jung Yunho, The Celebrity 2013

"For 10 years, compared to all other forms of words, it seems like the most important thing was that Chanmin has stayed beside me. Good things, tough things, happy things, going through them together… and just by the fact of staying beside each other quietly, it seems like this has to be cherished compared to anything else."
Jung Yunho, Entertainment Star World Interview 2014

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[1072] ELLE JAPON August 2011

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Translation of Tohoshinki’s ELLE JAPON August 2011 Interview (110629)

“Changmin has become able to say what he want to say properly. He looks more biddable than ever”
- Yunho

“The amazing part of Yunho is the strong sense of responsibility I cannot imitate. He never fails to accomplish even very tough goals.“
- Changmin

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[1017] 110429 K- POP Charity Concert - Press Conference : Interview with TVXQ

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TVXQ! (Choi Kang Changmin and U-know Yunho)

YH: Hello I’m U-know Yunho. You’re beautiful [Thai]
CM: Helly My name is Changmin [Thai] We got the chance to be back again and when we arrived, we were surprised by so many reporters. We’re really glad to see you all today.

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[962] Vogue Nippon, May 2011 Interview

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все сканы тут на dbsg is love

“A friendship without boundaries, almost like love”

After more than a year, Asia’s pride to the rest of the world, Tohoshinki, is back again with their promotions. Becoming more mature, and gaining more popularity, Yunho and Changmin gathered in Tokyo for a photoshoot. Afterwhich, they talked about how they felt towards one another, to how it is like to perform as an artiste now. Because it was an interview with Vogue, the conversation was full of passion and interest.

Vogue’s 10 Questions to Tohoshinki

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Source: cheersyoonho bar, maxchangmin bar
Translated by: cheersyoonho bar, maxchangmin bar, 0206 @ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: 0206 @continueTVXQ.com

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[843] SPUR March 2011

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Tohoshinki’s Interview on SPUR March 2011
by ContinueTVXQ

Now, since there are two people they are able to go on.
Their upcoming new stage!
Breaking from the silence, Tohoshinki finally re-start.
Their smile and happiness that fans waited for long to see.
Yunho and Changmin talking about their “now” and their future hope, full of energy!

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[833] Tohoshinki’s Interview in Ellegirl February 2011

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Tohoshinki’s Interview in Ellegirl February 2011

Waited for long, finally Ellegirl is released.
Interesting questions and answer from the boys! Enjoy~


Q: What things change when you fall in love?

A: I am the type that likes to know more about the person that I have interest to, including friends and girlfriend. So if you notice me you will realize my hobby and things that I like are very similar to the people around me. Having the same interest will be happier. Same for love, the feeling of love will grow if we have related view on values.

Q: What is the reason a man should give priority to girlfriend?

A: For men, girlfriend is different than friends. With guy friends and seniors we talk about work, life and girls, etc. But in front of girlfriend, needs to act more manly, can’t let her see weakness or foolishness. Perhaps I want to become more handsome?!! (Yunho, You are manly and handsome enough, LOL!!)

Q: What if you and your close friend in love with the same girl?

A: If that close friend is closest to me, like Changmin, I will let her go to him. I don’t want to have fight with my friend. I will wish her happiness silently, I think this is consider as a good man. Since this case is Changmin, he is taller and more handsome than me, I give her to Changmin(laughed).

Yunho also said, “If Changmin is in love, he definitely can’t escape my eyes! Because I am the closest to him, I can definitely tell. Am I causing too much jealousy if I said this(laughed)”

Yunho mentioned Changmin became more stylish recently, he suddenly feel a bit strange. He continued, “Compared to the past, Changmin now wear more mature clothing, he even changes his hats, by any chance is he dating? “ Changmin immediately responded, ” I’m only just awaken in fashion!!”

About the question that two guys liking the same girl and Yunho’s answer is letting her go to Changmin. Changmin responded, “Oh I am so grateful to you(smiled)!”

Because of Yunho’s existence this time, the filming had a strong sense of secure feeling. They shown us their close relationships. Breathing in the same air, these two people’s teamwork are at the highest!

Source: Ellegirl Feb. 2011 Magazine + NeverEnd
Picture credit: yoonhostar
Translation by: ContinueTVXQ.wordpress.com
Credit: ContinueTVXQ.wordpress.com

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[803] New album comment

Miss biggest bitch


Yunho and Changmin: Hello, we’re TVXQ!
Changmin: We’ve finally come back with an album in a really long time.
Yunho: That’s right.
Yunho: I feel very proud and all.
Changmin: Yeah.
Yunho: This time, we’re greeting you with the title song “Why (Keep Your Head Down.)” This album… Well, personally, I feel that it’s going to become TVXQ’s pride.
Changmin: Since it’s been a while, we tried our best and worked very hard to improve our vocals. You should be able to hear all our hard work in our matured vocals.
Yunho: Right.
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Credit: koreaboo + lovelyunho@soompi + ContinueTVXQ.wordpress.com

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[786] Popteen February 2011 “We are still Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin”

Miss biggest bitch

Popteen February 2011 “We are still Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin”

New year’s special!
Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin finally start active again in Japan.
They show up in POPTEEN!
We will start asking their recent activities and boys mind, full loaded of questions asked only by Popteen!

Changmin: “We are two opposite vocal and personalities, but when we are together, it became harmony. For personality vice, if Yunho is fire then I am water. Yunho can always keep up with my thoughts.”

“We lived together very well just like a family!”

Their comeback interview!
Curious about their living and feelings, pay attention to the exposure of the two people’s close up talk.



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[751] Ginger 02.2011

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прекрасное интервью ♥

Not long ago, Yunho and Changmin announced the restart of their promotions as Tohoshinki. Having been inactive for over a year, this can be seen as a warm up for their official return. The duo gave us an insight into their hearts during their first photoshoot in Japan. It is due to the timing that they are now able to speak of such issues and it is because of the present situation that these thoughts have come to mind.
Their rebirth begins here.

Q: How was this year as a whole?
YH: It's been quite a turbulent year. Through the musical, the drama and individual activities, I've gained a lot of new experiences and I've come to look back on the past. The most important thing is that I've really matured, it's a significant point in my life where I've really grown up. The biggest change is that, regardless of the situation, I always think to myself 'I have to do this'. Sometimes I barely get the chance for a laugh, yet despite being so focused on my work lately, I've found that it's given me the opportunity to stop and take in the things around me from a more objective standpoint.

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[693] Yunho’s interview from his 2010 Wish Birthday Party~

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Yunho’s interview from his 2010 Wish Birthday Party~ translation by lovelyunho

сканы постились тут

A 14 years old boy just wanted to be a singer because he liked singing, liked dancing. The boy had just one thing, he wasn’t the best as singing or at dazzling colorful dance techniqes. He just had the passion of ‘I want to do it, I can do it.’ During the 10 years that have gone by, the boy that tried his best can now sing and dance well. His looks have changed too. He’s taller and his face and body have matured a lot too. Even though, we can no longer see the kid from 10 years ago, the eyes and the young boy’s ‘passion’ is still in his heart compared to 10 years ago. The boy successfully became a star with his efforts and with the help of others. Though he has the huge popularity and skills that the young boy did not have, he never shows it off. If you compare him to before, what has changed is that the sweet and bitter experiences he suffered through for a long time has made him be strict on himself. If you ask this grown up boy ‘what is the strongest quality that you have only, he will answer without hesitation with a humble look and tone, ‘passion’ which he has had since long time ago.

Being 25 years old and having accomplished his dream as a singer, as if it was destiny, he met Cha Bong Goon who is exactly like himself, having him return to his original intent. However, as a star, his original ‘passion’ was already deep inside of him. Continually meeting with friends who are not celebrities, doing good deeds before debut and once he became a star is all so that he will not forget his original intent. That’s why even though it might be more difficult, he was not afraid to go back to his original intent as Cha Bong Goon and stand on a bigger and larger stage.

The 14 years old young boy who did not have anything but his one ‘passion’ and made his dream come true and going back to his original intent was an experience he was used to and a fun challenge as always.

Recent hobby is walking on the subway line~

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[639]101013 UKnow YunHo Promotes Tourism Spots: Gwangju, Hangang, Jebu-do

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 (600x425, 65Kb)

What role did you take up?

My role in the drama is Lee DaHae's lover and I’m appearing as an action star-YunHo. At the initial stage of the drama, it’s a setting of a strained relationship. Also, I lost the ring that Lee DaHae gave during one of the action scenes, so I went around to find the similar ring, and in the end we (Lee DaHae and I) meet again.

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A message to the fans:

It's still YunHo who's greeting everyone with a new position. This time wanting to show everyone a two different sides of YunHo who is passionate and imaginary, because I want to meet everyone in all different forums, not only in musicals, therefore from now on please give me more support!

Yunho's Recommended Tourism Spots

Gwangju... Hometown

"Because Gwangju is a cultural city, like last year, Gwangju has hosted a lot of international cultural events. The natural scenery is very beautiful; food is also very delicious, which has a saying 'speaking about food, it's Jeollanam-do Gwangju' kind of reputation, like duck pot (Gwangju's specialty), and seedless watermelon. Because it's a profound land, when visited, you only need to say, ‘Want to eat this,’ and there will be people sincerely guiding, if you say ‘Wish to eat it again,’ there will be a discount."

Han River, Seoul Namsan Tower... favourite places

"I often go to the Han River to observe the people around me... Of course, only after I changed my attire. I like strolling; it’s a kind of simple yet pleasing experience to watch the river. Seoul Tower is also highly recommended, to go with your lover or family, isn't it the best?"

Jebu-do... wish to go with the person I like

“Jebu-do (An island beside Yellow Sea), is a small island. There is a pathway on the sea during low tide,and if the time (when the pathway can be seen) is missed the path would be gone. Sashimi and sushi are very delicious... I don't have a lover now, but if I have one, I wish to go with her."

Source: Baidu CheersYoonho + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg + tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: アリマ ❥Maria @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[623] 101003 SEDA Magazine October Issue – YunHo’s Interview

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101003 SEDA Magazine October Issue – YunHo’s Interview

Soaring towards a brand new stage, revealing Jung YunHo’s most honest side!

At the height of 184cm, having a remarkable figure of long arms and legs, you can see the masculine part of him in the strong stares from his eyes. This part of Jung YunHo has always left a strong impression to everyone. As the leader of Tohoshinki, who has won over the whole of Asia, he is now stepping onto a brand new stage as an actor.

“Because having an experience in acting is a good path of improvement for artists, in the past, many around me had advised me to take up this road. But back then, I didn’t have much interest to act solely as a handsome character…however after thinking thoroughly, I wish to play a part in a character where I can mature from it.”

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Source: SEDA Magazine October Issue + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg + tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: アリマ ❥Maria + dbskrox @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[613] 100928 Yunho: “I Received Many Injuries From Filming Haru”

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 (507x698, 75Kb)

Q: In the recent web drama “Haru ~An Unforgettable Day In Korea~”, you act as a stunt actor. The filming process seems very tough.
A: Because I act as a stunt actor, there has been scenes of me being shot down by missiles shot from planes. Scenes of me flying and falling were acted out by me personally. There were many shots of me landing on the mats, and I received many injuries during the process.

Q: I heard that you challenged the intense heat too when you were filming in Busan.
A: On the day of filming at the famous GwangAn Bridge in Busan, the weather was very very hot. Even so, I ran with all my might for around 20 takes. I ran around 15km. It’s really tiring to run 15km in the sweltering heat, but it was worth it. Isn’t the charismatic look on the drama worth anticipating? (laughs) That is the most memorable scene.

Q: You participated in the drama’s production press conference before this interview, and said that you wanted to promote Korea’s top tourist destination, Seoul Tower (also known as Namsan Tower) to the Japanese people. Is there anything interesting about that?
A: Although I’ve been to Seoul Tower, but it was with four men. (laughs) I also bought a wishing lock, but because many fans noticed me, I could only leave the place quickly. If I could go with my girlfriend, I would really like to go again.

Q: Right now you’re in the middle of an Autumn musical that you star in, is it to broaden your activities?
A: Recently I’ve wanted to try out various types of challenges, which has led me to find out about my different charms. It feels really good, as if I’ve matured. In terms of acting, by being able to experience a lifestyle that is unknown to me, it allows me to feel the charm of another’s life. I receive this both from my drama and musical. To be able to unearth a new me and experience new hobbies is very fun.

Q: (From “haru*hana”) What flowers do you like? Who do you want to send flowers to?
A: I want to give a bouquet of lilies, mixed with roses to my parents. The white lilies and the roses represent my passion… full of gratitude that I inherited such energy and passion from them. Before, I’ve given my father presents, but not to my mother, so I especially want to give her a Mother’s Day present.

Q: (From “haru*hana”) What’s the best day you’ve had recently?
The “SMTOWN LIVE ’10″ summer concert. Meeting with fans on the stage after such a long time, it really left a deep impression on me.

Source: [haru*hana] + [cheersyunho baidu]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[555] Переводы интервью для Chorus & Switch


[511] 100730 Интервью Юн Хо для Men's Uno

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100730 Интервью Юн Хо для Men's Uno

Мужчина, который "меньше говорит, но больше делает"

Чон Юнхо, представитель нового поколения умных и молодых духом. Он идёт в авангарде времени, чтобы встретить красоту настоящего и будущего.

- Самое запоминающееся событие в твоей жизни?
Юнхо: Я думаю, что самым запоминающимся событием моей жизни был момент, когда я стал певцом. Тогда я ощущал себя фантастически. Когда я впервые ступил на сцену, первое выступление, я помню это очень живо до сих пор. Все кричали моё имя, я стал главным героем на сцене. На самом деле для меня это было невероятно. Уверен, что никогда не забуду тот первый раз.

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перевод: Leena

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[508] Yunho's exclusive interview in "men's uno" August Issue

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100730 Yunho's exclusive interview in "men's uno" August Issue

A man with charm is 'talk less, act more'

Jung Yunho is the interpreter of new generation, with mentality and spirit of youth, he is walking at forefront of time, to encounter the beauty of present and future.

What's the most memorable event in your life?
My most memorable event, I believe was when I become a singer. At that moment I really felt fantastic. The first moment I stepped on stage, the first performance, those situations were vividly remembered till now. Everyone was crying out my name, I became the protagonist on stage. In fact, it was a very incredible thing to me. I believe I will never ever forget this first time in my life.

You are going to perform in musical, what do you think of it?
It seems to me a new world has arrived. Now I am preparing for musical adaptation of 'Goong' from drama version. Although it is also a performance on stage, but I can feel a big difference from standing on stage as a singer. Musical performances not only singing, but also need to practice dancing, and learn acting skills. It is a performance which mixes songs, dance and acting together. In order to show everyone my best appearance and attitude, I am now practicing hard, so please come and support my transformation into a musical actor, .

What kind of requirements do you think a charming man should have? Do you think you are a charming man?
The most important requirements for a charming man is talk less and more action. The men who can properly preserve and protect something which is valuable to them, this kind of men is attractive. It seems hard to assess myself! I don't know whether I did well or not, but only know I have to work hard continuously and do well in my part.

What are your recent plans? What's your impression of Hong Kong?
I am currently busy preparing for musical 'Goong' which will begin in September. Since I can perform with experienced actors, I have learned a lot from them. Besides that, I have to go to Japan to promote my drama 'HTTG' and DVD. Since there are a lot of promotions and public related activities, I often need to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea and become very busy. HTTG's DVD ranked no.1 on Japan's Oricon Chart, I totally suprised by everyone's love and support... SMTOWN will start a world tour in August, so I am now preparing for it. I hope to meet everyone with a fresher and better look later, so please continue to love me.
About my impression of Hong Kong, I think Hong Kong is a gracious and convenient place. This time I come here for cover shoot, many fans are following me, and waiting for me at the airport, I fully feel their enthusiasm and support. I love the night view of Hong Kong, and the food is very delicious too, so every time I come to Hong Kong I can fully enjoy it before I go back.

What type of girls do you like?
I like girls who have lively and cheerful personality, as well as can take care of the others, and being confident, and can give me good advices oftenly.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Render许诺
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

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[505] Hongkong Magazine "men's uno" August Issue

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100730 Yunho – Men’s Uno Aug Issue “I think Hong Kong is friendly and convenient”

 (400x600, 52Kb)

South Korean group TVXQ former member Jung Yunho (see picture) who had appeared earlier as the cover model of ‘men’s uno’ Hongkong August issue, shared his thought that a charm for a man was the most important thing that should existed. Jung Yunho modestly said that he didn’t know whether he could be categorized as an attractive man, but he thought that an attractive man was one that is less talk and do more, also for things they treasure the most they would preserve and protect them well.

Preparing for his role in a musical adapted from a TV series ‘Goong’ with the same name, Jung Yunho has been going back and forth Japan and South Korea for promotion, and the next month, he’s going to contribute in a world tour, such a tight schedule. During the photographing in Hong Kong, Jung Yunho said, “I think Hong Kong is friendly and convenient. Knowing that I have a cover shoot in Hong Kong, a lot of fans followed and waited for me at the airport, I can feel their enthusiasm and full supports for me. I also like the night view of Hong Kong, the food is also very delicious, so everytime I go to Hong Kong, I’m always having so much fun”. To a question What kind of girl does he like? “I like a girl who is cheerful and lively, able to take care of other people, has self confident, more over if she could frequently give good advices to me.”

source: 文︰若谷+baidu
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

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[503]100727 CHORUS – Yunho Interview : “I will protect her no matter what”

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100727 CHORUS – Yunho Interview : “I will protect her no matter what”

As I am a true gentleman, no matter what happens, protecting the girl will be my priority

“Under my sister’s influence, I have also read many manga series targeting teenage girls, especially “Boys Over Flowers”! I really like Domyouji Tsukasa’s character and find it really interesting.”
When filming ended, Yunho said it care-freely with a smile. Not as the leader of the group, TVXQ, that Asia is crazy about but as the new lead of a new drama challenge, No Limits, Cha Bong-Goon.

“Although I felt very insecure as a new actor but I was attracted to Bong-Goon who grows up in the story. No matter what happens, he will work hard to progress and treat his family with love. Also, his methods of love is similar to me. However, there are also differences. Bong-Goon is very straight-forward when it comes to love but I am a little conservative. (Laughs) Although when I’m out, I’m leading but when it’s just the two of us, I want to be lead. As compared to expressing my love in a frank way, I would first consider the atmosphere of the surroundings.”

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source: [cheersyunho] + [CHORUS September Issue]
translations by: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[502] 100728 U-Know Yunho – “I Was Really Nervous About The Kiss Scene”

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100728 U-Know Yunho – “I Was Really Nervous About The Kiss Scene”

U-Know Yunho (24 years old – Real name Jung Yunho) publicly expressed his apprehension towards the kissing scene.

U-Know Yunho will take the role of Prince Lee Shin in the Musical “Goong” this coming September at the Yong Theater of the National Museum Of Korea. He will play the cool and charismatic flower boy Lee Shin who unfolds a love story after his marriage in the Goong with an ordinary girl’s high school student Shin Chae Kyung.

In the individual interview included in MBN “Entertainment Magazine V.I.P” that is to be released on the 30th, with regards to questions involving the kiss scene, he expressed, “I anticipate it yet am nervous about it at the same time, because I can’t practice it without a practice partner! I will show everybody when the time comes. If I were to turn into a real crown prince, how would I handle it?” This creates a lot of curious thoughts about the kiss scene. He also said, “I want to do volunteer activities with my juniors,” showing his caring nature.

As a senior who holds great power in the singing world, U-Know Yunho have guidance to his juniors. He states, “I still miss the stage. I can’t recognize the new idols that come out, so I have to personally look them up. I’ve experienced in advance the depression a 30-40 year old man would encounter, so it is a really good experience. If the idols now can endure the difficulties and overcome them, then that would become a stepping stone towards their growing maturity.”

The release on the 30th includes the hot practices of the Musical “Goong” and Yunho’s ideal type, as well as an honest interview.

The Musical “Goong” is produced by the team at MBN, who also worked on “Couple of Fantasy”, “Boys Before Flowers”, among others.

(unrelated materials omitted)

source: [baidutvxq]
translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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