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[878] 110206 Yunho’s Birthday Fanmeet

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[Fan account] Yunho’s Birthday Fanmeet 110206

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[Translation] Yunho Birthday Event Fan Account Compilation 110206

(T/N: These are rough translations I tweeted last night as fans were posting updates on Weibo. Bear in mind that minor details may have been omitted due to the character limit on Twitter.)

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+ [Fan support] Yunho’s Birthday Support from Bewithyunho

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[799] TVXQ releases full audio of “Keep Your Head Down”!

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TVXQ has finally released their much-anticipated comeback track, “Keep Your Head Down” on January 3rd through MelOn, Dosirak, Bugs and various other music portal sites.

The title track highlights their strong, charismatic voices and features lyrics expressing a man’s sorrow after having been betrayed by a lover he cherished and trusted. The lyrics “I’ll erase everything of you inside of me and set out for a brighter future. Someday, you’ll realize just how genuine the love you threw away was,” further expresses the song’s overall mood.

Titled “Why” in Korean, the subtitle, “Keep Your Head Down,” has a separate meaning asking for those betrayed by their lovers to spare their words and ‘keep their heads down’ as an act of respect.

Their music video, directed by Jo Soo Hyun, will be released on the 4th through their YouTube and official homepage and will be featuring impressive choreography with the use of wire action and matrix cameras.

The special edition will follow on the 5th, along with the standard edition on the 12th.

Source: Asia Economy + Allkpop

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