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[159] Vivi Magazine April 2010 | KBOOM Magazine April 2010

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Vivi Magazine April 2010

KBOOM Magazine April 2010

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[160] This Is It | 100219 Stalking

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100119 "This Is It" Concert: The Reason Why U-Know Yunho was Chosen as Final Cast

S2 Entertainment Mr. Kim on the 19th said, “Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It The Movie (Band From ‘THIS IS IT’ The Movie’) ’ was originally planned as a joint project from two countries, and it’s finally confirmed that TVXQ Yunho from South Korea will be the performer to appear in the show.”

Mr. Kim revealed the selection process of the cast, “Data of various artists of South Korea was sent to the United States and the team there conferred of which artist is credible enough to do the show. Watching at the latest performance data of TVXQ U-Know Yunho, the team was satisfied to the extent that they didn’t have much necessity to look other artists’ performances for this concert. I heard the praise from United States team that Yunho was the most appropriate artist to do the tribute.”

Currently the casts to appear in South Korea concert is under final coordination in United States, and the contents of final casting and performances is expected to be revealed in the near future (February 28th).

Source: joynews24
Translation: sharingyoochun.net

100219 Ticket Information for "This Is It" with U-Know Yunho

Currently the casts from United States team to appear in South Korea concert is under final coordination, the complete casts and performance list is expected to be revealed on February 26th.

‘This is It’ concert is hosted by corporation of SBS Entertainment, S2, and Paragon Music Corporation. The concert ticket is open on March 2nd through Yes24 (www.yes24.com)

‘This is It’ concert will be showing on March 27th and 28th at the War Memorial Peace Plaza in Yongsan, Seoul.

Source: star.mt.co.kr
Summarized translation: sharingyoochun.net

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[161] Vivi Magazine April 2010 HQ

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[163] GQ Korea March 2010

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[164] 200210 Stalking Pics Of Yunho At Kangta's Party

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our Yunho (and Minnie) gave a video message to Kangta and his fans at Kangta's fanmeet (he's been discharged from his army service and held a fanmeet on the 20th) along with other SME artists. Here's trans of what Yunho said according to a fan who went to the fanmeet:

Hello, yes, ah, it's Uknow Yunho. I want to sincerely congratulate Kangta hyung with everything. Oh, and also the fanmeeting today, you must really be having a good time with many fans. Actually, I should be there to personally greet you but because of circumstances beyond my control, I'm greeting you through a video. I'm also really very happy that you have been released/dishcarged. I think all the fans have been waiting a lot for you too. Since you're out now, please have lots more activities, and well, I would like to ask you (fans) to give lots of love and interest to our Kangta hyung. In addition, in the future, please show lots of love and interest to me, Yunho. Kangta hyung, next time, let's have a meal again. Lastly, hwaiting and sincere congratulations on the fanmeeting.

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[165] Translation Interview in GQ Korea 03.2010

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Translation of Yunho and Jo Jae Jin's Interview of each other in GQ Korea Magazine-March Issue:

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Сканы журналы здесь - [163] GQ Korea March 2010 включая и сканы с Чо Чжэ Джином *_*

Jo Jae Jin (Cho Jae Jin) asks Uknow Yunho (He is a professional soccer player who is currently playing for a Japanese league)

читать дальше. обязательно читать!!!

ОБМ ЭТО ОХРЕНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ИНТЕРВЬЮ ♥_♥ *люблю еще больше, хотя больше казалось бы некуда* XDDD

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[166] TVXQ Yunho to sing in Jackson Korea show

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говорят что поедет в Лас-Вегас, а не в Лос-Анджелес.

U-Know Yunho, the leader of Korean idol group TVXQ, will participate in a special commemorative performance of Michael Jackson, organizer S2 Entertainment said.

Yunho will fly to Las Vegas in early March to rehearse with local performers for the concert titled "Band from Michael Jackson's This Is It the Movie with U-Know Yunho," the first ever Korea-U.S. joint event dedicated to the King of Pop.

The popular singer, a huge fan of Jackson, will showcase his singing and dancing talent at the two performances slated for March 27 and 28 at Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza in Seoul.

The final guest performers of the Korean leg of the world tour will be disclosed on Feb. 26, and ticket reservation will be available on www.yes24.com starting from March 2.


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[167] Vivi Magazine April 2010 | GQ Korea March 2010

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Vivi Magazine April 2010 от withyoonho


GQ Korea March 2010 от yoonhostar

+ [Fancam] 100220 Yunho's Message in Kangta Fanmeeting youtube. Ничего не видно, перевод был тут [164] 200210 Stalking Pics Of Yunho At Kangta's Party

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[168] endorsement часы

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+ очки

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[169] Vivi magazine 04.2010

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PAPARAZZI Their Private Time Clothes!

YUNHO: I picked the jeans to be main and picked a brown V-neck shirt with a jacket. I’ve done modeling before and jeans are one of my favorite clothing item.

From the type of clothes to the type of girls, we’re going to share the five’s “Likes”.

The clothes we want a girl to wear is this!

YUNHO: since I usually dress natural looking I want the girl to dress natural too! Once I get a girlfriend I want to go on a date with a style like this. And sometimes a hat looks cool and attractive.

The sticker colors are:
Yellow= Yunho

The [____] Thing I Like To Do Alone

1. I like [ traveling ] alone.

Guess who wrote it! Here’s the hint!

1. “I like to travel in general. This year I’m planning to go to Las Vegas with 3 of my friends (including himself). I’m excited to watch the musicals and concerts. If I’m going to travel alone I want to go to Greece.”

1. Yunho

The Best 5000 Word Interview!!
From the best album to love stories.



I Like These Kind of HairStyle!

Yunho: “I’m bad at drawing” he said as he smiled wryly. “I like longer hair length and I made the hair color black but I don’t have any special feelings for it. And I like wavy hair that looks natural.” As he looked at his finished drawing he started to laugh saying “ahaha it’s a ghost!”.

The image of ViVi? Imagining a date with a girl? With the pose you like, say cheese!!

Yunho who was in the picture with the Rika-chan doll, thinking and said “the camera should be here”. After thinking and trying different poses he chose to let her bend one leg back!

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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[170] 090809 stalking

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[171] Evisu

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[174] Yunho and Go Ara are nominated for The 46th Annual PaeSang Arts Award

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Thanks to the drama, "Heading to the ground", many Korean, as well as international viewers, were able to witness Yunho's acting talents. And not only did it allow viewers to see his fresh and adorable acting, it also helped him land a nomination for the popularity award at the 46th Paeksang Arts Awards. And naturally, Go Ara, his partner on screen, was also nominated.

The ceremony will be aired on KBS2TV on the 26th of March. Due to his busy schedule with the training and rehearsals for the "This Is It" concert, not to mention having to go to the US, there is no confirmation whether Yunho will be attending.

here are the nominees:

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все тут isplus.joins.com - nominees

Source: isplus.joins.com
Credits: sharingyoochun

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[175] Vivi magazine 04.2010 продолжение

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Yunho Profile:

The tough beauty who never stops

Name: Uknow/Yunho
Date Of Birth: 1986/02/06
Born: Korea; Gwangju
Height: 184cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite food: Kimchi dumpings
Type of girls you like: Natural girls but who wears hats sometimes and can look cool.
What you like to do right now: Traveling
Your worries: It’s been for awhile but I can’t understand girls feelings
What you want to do: Volunteer

Which animal they like, discovering… This is where we want to be praised!

Yunho is meant to be a leader?
- What animal do you like?
I like leopards. It runs fast and it’s always trying hard so it’s cool.
- It seems that that’s what you want to be praised about.
oh really? If someone said that about me I’d be so shy about it. It’s embarrassing…..

Even the members themselves didnt know!
“The hidden personalities discovered! With a psychologist analyzing their personality!”

By how you eat the “Pinky” we checked secretly.
Depending on how you eat it is said that it shows their true personality. During the interview we handed them the mint candy “Pinky” and had them eat it. Even though it’s the same “Pinky” everyone ate it differently and picked the different flavor.
First Yunho, he picked the peach flavor right away and took out 2. Then he chewed on it right away.

Yunho: Eccentric Type. He’s an independent guy and who doesn’t open to the world by himself. He can think of ideas that no one thinks of but he likes himself and can be fickle.

We can tell just by how you cross your hands!
Passive? Active? Yunho is actually…

There’s a brain theory that when you cross your hands and your right thumb comes on top it said that you’re passive. And the other way around, if your left thumb comes on top you’re active(aggressive).

We had the members cross their hands and as a surprise yunho had the opposite of what we expected!
And the leader who leads the members had his right thumb on top making him passive!

comments were the following:
Yunho: that’s true, when it comes to love I’m passive. but when it’s friends or workI’im more active. When we’re alone I want to be leaded and if something is wrong I want her to tell me I did something wrong

Number One Member Who Is ...

We gave the five 15 stickers. on the notebook has these words written: Kindness, Methodicalness, Brightness, Toughness of Heart and Calmness. There were people who put one sticker on one category and there were people who put eight stickers on one…

You can tell by the picture but we asked them why they put the stickers where they put it.

Yunho: My brightness is number one! because I’m passionate so I’m not really methodical and calm….

 (300x432, 122Kb)

Yunho self analysis

1. kindness: 4
2. methodicalness: 1
3. brightness: 5
4. toughness of heart: 3
5. calmness: 2

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun

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[176] Интервью для Tohoshinki - 1st Artist Book ~ Tomorrow : 000777 Days -

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-Yunho you have one sibling right?

[Yes. I am the oldest and have one younger sister. When i was born i didn't cry so my parents were worried. So they hit me really hard to make me cry. You feel sorry for me right? I was abused as soon as i was born.]



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[177] Yunho in Oh Boy Magazine March 2010 Issue

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[178] 2010 Oh Boy! 3월호 vol.0005

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